Meet the Author

Deeply fascinated by the medieval world, Serdar Aydemir spent his time writing and illustrating from his mind knights of valor, knights of malice, lands which held mighty kingdoms, and creatures which brought death. For many years he drew. For many years he wrote. But not until he focused his creativity did he find his true desire.

With love and respect for epic titles as The Lord of the Rings and more recently The Witcher, rising fantasy author Serdar Aydemir brought forth from his mind characters and lands separated by timelines and pieced them together to engage those whom desire stories of faith, sexuality, and unknown worlds.

Crossing our world with that of fantasy brings to his reader’s mind a gritty, dark, and real yet fantastically imaginative vision of the world found written before them. Serdar Aydemir has entered the realm with his new book series Halorum where he aims to grasp both new and existing adult readers and to forever keep their minds in it.

Photo Credit | Keavin Simmons | NotQuiteNerdy Media