Books by the Author

Books by the Author

Fans of sword and sorcery fantasy will find a fast-paced story of struggle, lust, and medieval-style battles between those of the living—both pure and corrupted—and creatures that may lie somewhere in-between.

Book One of the Series

An introduction to the world of Halorum.

Paulira is master of her seductive yet deadly harem of Reaper Knights—tasked to protect the realm from the threat of the possessed.

When a mysterious trinket is found on the body of her latest victim, a quest begins to seek the Dragon Knight—a legendary hero whom might just be what the darkened realm needs to overcome the reaches of the Underworld.

"An old style fantasy charm" -K.J. Simmill, award-winning British author
"Halorum transports you to a vivid world" -D. Nash, award-winning Shakespearean actor
"An epic adventure" -S. Violante, Reader Views
"An invigorating read" -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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Book Two of the Series

Shadows of Halorum