Website and Inventory Update

A new design for the books page is now live for a more efficient way to see what is available, what is coming, and where to buy.

The original 1st edition prints of Book One are still available. These prints had some minor errors in the text and as such I am offering them at a discounted $2.99. That’s almost 63% off! At the time of this update, 115 prints remain. 68 prints of the corrected and revised 2nd edition are available as well. Both editions come with bookmarks and a printed map of the known land.

Serdar Aydemir
LA Times Festival of Books

I’ll be attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 13-14 at USC! It’s a world renowned experience gathering writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, and musicians with over 150k visitors.

I really enjoy these types of events so I’m looking forward to it! Learn more about it here.

Serdar Aydemir
Book Two

Did you see it? The cover for book two is now official! The first one took quite a few years to complete but with that foundation, the continuation of the story should a lot smoother.

Two chapters are complete and I’ll soon be available to put more focus into it to see a 2019 release. That’s the goal at least. More details soon…

Serdar Aydemir
Audiobook Update

Progress on the audiobook for book one of Halorum has had some delays though it is still, definitely, coming soon! Whitney Fisher has done an incredible job voicing not only Paulira but all of the female characters. Very proud to have her on the project.

Currently aiming for an April/May release on Audible.

Serdar Aydemir